Can I see a preview before I order?

Since we draw or design the designs ourselves, we unfortunately cannot show you a preview in advance. We will send you a draft within 24-48 hours of your order.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee: You can have the drawing or design changed as many times as you want. We only print (or send you the digital file) when you are 100% satisfied with your drawing/design, promise!

What are the delivery times?

We print our products within 2-4 working days after your approval. In your desired product you will find an approximate display of the delivery time under the “add to cart” button. Very important, so that we can stick to the estimated delivery time as much as possible, we also urgently need your feedback (approval or change request) on the print preview.

Where do you produce?

We produce in Germany (Bochum & Cologne). ❤️

What do I have to consider with my picture?

Please make sure your picture has good exposure (daylight, no flash) and is of good, sharp quality. The photo should not have been edited by you yet. Please always use the original photo. Unfortunately, a screenshot or forwarded WhatsApp image significantly degrades the image quality.

I want to upload more images but there is only 1 upload

If the upload of images in the product is limited, but there is a selection for more images / more favorites, then please order without image upload and send us the images in response to your order confirmation. We can then assign this directly to the correct order.

Why isn't the right size included?

We have focused on a selection of sizes. Please contact us briefly and we will see what other sizes we can offer. For the posters, we can also offer you other formats such as DIN A4. And with the Chucks, children's sizes are also welcome.